Friday, September 17, 2010

Are we there yet?

Greetings, all. It's Mary Beth again, posting the final guest blog before Jerry returns from his vacation in Sicily. We all have missed him, and I look forward to Monday, as all the folks here welcome him home and listen to his stories. Jerry is a great, entertaining storyteller! I do worry that it will be a little rough for a relaxed, tanned person  who has been waking up in Sicily every day to reintegrate into the hectic life of liturgical publishing, as the temperatures drop here in beautiful Franklin Park!

Our production manager, Deb Johnston, came to me last week and asked that we update our excel spread sheet of all the editions of the various revised and new Mass settings. She oversees the engravers and designers, and it's essential that she keep up with the status of all the music files, layouts, covers, title pages, CD booklets, etc. As she pointed out, many of the columns were marke DONE, or had "Ready to go to Press" dates set for April or May of 2010.

I set up a meeting with all the editors working on these projects, our head engraver and Deb. As we moved line-by-line through the spread sheet, there were a few items that could be finished up now, like a back cover for a choral edition that only had artwork done for the front cover, or the layout of a track listing for a CD.

However, most of the conversation was more along these lines: "We have dates to record the revised doxology for that Mass, and then we'll have both ready." or "We have all the corrections to the copyright notices marked, but we need to wait to see the final missal text at the end of October to see if anything else has changed." Another is "The instrumental parts all need to be re-laid out to remove "Christ has died", at least according to what we know right now."

So, are we there yet? No. Will the final text that is promised to publishers at the end of October be the final, final, final answer to all our questions? We certainly hope so, but our experience with this translation makes us realize anything can happen. We're (tentatively) planning to drop everything else the first week or so of November and tie up all the loose ends with all the editions. There are about 140 print, on-line, or recorded elements we've promised for Advent, 2011; many more if you count the individual downloadable assembly editions.

We have two independent editions of Glory to God settings and one of the Penitential Act we are ready to publish. Can we? Should we? It's the dilemma du jour.

In the meantime, the chants of the missal have been adapted to for the most recent changes to the Order of Mass and are now posted on the ICEL web site. As of the announcement of recognitio and date of implementaion on August 20, these changes were:

--the words of absolution in the Penitential Act have been modified (so that the text of the current Sacramentary is maintained);

--the addition of "I believe" at three points in the Profession of faith;

--several slight modifications to the texts of the Eucharistic Prayers;

--the final doxology of the Eucharistic Prayer has been slightly altered.
Regarding adaptations for the Dioceses of the United States, you will notice in the Order of Mass that the acclamation "Christ has died" has not been approved. . .  
 Alternate forms of the tropes for form C of the Penitential Act were approved. They will be contained in an appendix in the final text of the Missal.
Here's the link to the ICEL site:

We've had overwhelmingly good response to our Mass settings in all the places people encounter them, so we are encouraged that our energy and care toward serving the singing, praying and initiating church are worthwhile. We're almost there!

Gotta Sing. Gotta Pray.

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Paul said...

This is a great post! I'm just a little states that you must wait until the end of October for any text changes before you can print. I thought that was final with the last word from the Bishops.