Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gotta Sing Gotta Pray: Like Us on Facebook

Happy Wednesday to you all.

I am going to take a break from commenting on the new translation for a day. We are very hard at work here making adjustments to our resources, given the changes in the text. I am proud of the hard work and dedication of the staff here at WLP.

For those of you with Facebook accounts, I'd like to ask that you become a "liker" of Gotta Sing Gotta Pray via Facebook. Just log on to Facebook and in the search area at the top of your home page, type in Gotta Sing Gotta Pray. Two options appear. Click on the one without text and when the new page opens, simply click "Like." It's as simple as that.

It is simply a beautiful day here in Chicago. The sun is shining, the humidity is low, and the breezes are light.

I will be leaving for an extended vacation a week from tomorrow. During my absence, several  members of the team here at WLP have a greed to fill in for me on the blog. You will be getting different perspectives during the weeks that I am away. I think this will be a great opportunity for the staff here, as well as an opportunity for you to hear some different voices in Catholic publishing. Tuesdays and Thursdays will continue to be new translation days; the other days will focus on whatever issues the writers determine for themselves.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Steve Raml said...

"several members of the team here at WLP have a greed to fill in" Sure sound like they're eager! (Greedy buggers) Have a great and safe vacation Jerry!

Jerry Galipeau, D. Min. said...

Sorry about my extra space; at least one editor here found the mistake as well.