Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NPM Convention: Late Wednesday

Well, folks, it has been a grand day here at NPM.

We had our WLP music showcase this afternoon. Usually at these showcases, we spend the majority of the time sharing our new choral music. Today, we did do that, but also wove in about twenty minutes of time focusing on our new musical settings of the Mass. It was fascinating to watch those assembled. When we sing choral music, there is a palpable sense of excitement in the room. Today, that excitement was there. Why? The answer is simple. WLP provides the very best choral music for the Church today. Period.

But things changed when we moved to the examination of the musical settings of the new translation. The room suddenly became more deliberative. It resembled a think tank or a laboratory. People were getting used to new texts set to either new tunes or revised tunes. I found it fascinating to watch the care and deliberation the musicians employed as they began to sing these new texts.

It's been a very good week. I know that many of you have drifted away from NPM conventions, for a number of reasons. Might I suggest that you consider—now—next year's convention in Louisville, Kentucky, one of my favorite American cities? Just hearing Kentuckians gather and sing "My Old Kentucky Home" is well worth the admission! This is a piece of Americana that everyone in the US should experience at least once (not to mention a great music convention!).

Well, folks, it's been a very, very long day. And the exhibit hall is open from 10:00 to midnight tonight. God bless our staff, as well as all the NPMers, and our great group of folks back in Chicago who make all of this possible.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Carl said...

I drifted away from the NPM Conventions for the reason that they have become to "walk the line" in our attitude. No more creative thinking, no more daring to expolre, no excitment. I see this even in the NPM magazine, in what the publishers are putting out and as a whole I guess that, sadly, there is where the church as a whole is today. Peace

Chironomo said...

To be honest, I feel like it is less a matter of my "drifting away" from NPM as it is that NPM is "drifting away". I wonder (seriously) just how large the letters have to be and how large the wall before the writing will be apparent. It's really not enough to say "some of what NPM does is good...", when a great deal of the effort is put towards a very specific vision of the Church. Unfortunately, it is a vision that I and an ever increasing number of church musicians no longer share.

Jerry Galipeau, D. Min. said...

Chironomo, my friend, can you articulate what you mean by NPM's "very specific vision of the Church?" This would help me and other readers very much.

Denise Morency Gannon said...

A common theme among many of us at NPM's convention echoes Jerry's comment: WLP, without a doubt, presented the best music out of all the publishers we read through. Their robust showcase far outweighed what other publishers offered. I speak for many when I say that hands down, WLP and their staff shone like stars in the sky. Many thanks to Jerry, Mary Beth, Mary Prete and all the WLP staff for helping me and quite of few of my colleagues to remember why we love what we do.

Chironomo said...


I felt I should answer your question at greater length than is possible here.