Friday, July 23, 2010

Greetings from the Notre Dame SummerSong Program

Happy Friday to one and all from here at Notre Dame, Indiana. It is "hotter than the hinges of hell" here in the Midwest today!

Arrived yesterday for my first plenum session for the Notre Dame SummerSong program. There is a group of about 40 musicians here learning and studying in a number of hands-on and classroom segments.

At Mass today, we sang Steve Warner's new Eucharistic Acclamations as a kind of liturgical "lab session" using the new texts. We sang his acclamations from his new Mass of Charity and Love, based on the well known chant hymn "Where Charity and Love Prevail." You can here snippets over at singthenewmass. Steve dedicates this new setting to the life and memory of Margaret "Mickey" Paluch. This was my first experience singing the new texts within the eucharistic liturgy itself. Music will be the element that will greatly help the implementation. After all, musicians, we have beauty in our treasure chest!

At yesterday's session, I helped the participants in the program help name the pastoral landscape with respect to the implementation of the new translation of the Missale Romanum. I gave them samples of the responses from WLP's survey about the new translation. Each participant read one of the responses each, kind of a "round robbin" approach. I chose responses ranging from the extremely positive to the extremely negative, and everything in between. This helped launch our discussion. It wasn't so much a session for us to gripe or praise, but more to help us name the opportunities and challenges ahead of us as musicians as we look forward to the implementation. I hope it was a helpful session for those in attendance.

In a few hours, I will offer my second plenum, the implementation of the new translation from a publisher's perspective. I am planning on telling WLP's story of the last ten or so years, then we will sing through some of our settings. I am also giving them a sneak peek inside publishing. A new setting was submitted to WLP a few days ago. I brought copies of the submission with me and we will sing through some of the Mass parts, to give them an idea of what our own music review sessions are like at WLP.

I always love coming to the Notre Dame campus. Here are a few more photos I took yesterday, inside the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. First, the baptism font:

Next, the ambry containing the holy oils:

And finally, an interior shot of the basilica:

If you've never had the chance to visit this extraordinary place, plan to visit next time you are in the Chicago area.

I hope that your weekend, especially your celebration of the Eucharist is a blessed one.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean by "name"?
What did they "name the pastoral landscape"?

Jerry Galipeau, D. Min. said...

We used the survey results to name a broad pastoral landscape, based on the comments received, as well as the thoughts of the participants. Basically, there is a broad spectrum of thoughts and emotions surrounding the new translation. There is no agreement "out there" regarding the reception of the new texts. This is the "name" of the landscape, in a nutshell. More importantly, the exercise was a starting point to help us begin to develop pastoral strategies for the successful implementation of the new English translation of the Missal.