Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WLP Wins Prestigious Award and Offers You a June Promotional Special!

Wednesday greetings to you all. Big day in the sports world today. I am, of, of course, hoping for a Blackhawks win and a Stanley Cup victory tonight. We shall see . . .

Thanks for your comments in the last few days. I do appreciate them. Some people have told me that they can now not comment on this blog since I switched one setting that has allowed more people to comment - yeesh! Shoot me an e-mail if this is the case for you and I will see what I can do:

Every so often on this blog, I will speak solely about our work here at World Library Publications. Yesterday, we received the news that we won a prestigious award from the Catholic Press Association. WLP's 2009 Fall Catalogue won first place in the catalogue division.

Click here to see this this winning catalogue in its entirety.
Special congratulations to WLP team members Chris Broquet and Gina Buckley. I am so proud of the entire staff here at WLP. They work so hard on your behalf. It is nice to receive recognition for this work.

I also want to let you in on a great opportunity. If you are a member of Facebook, please consider logging on to the WLP page and "like" us. You can do that here. We are running a special promotion, just for our FaceBook friends. Once you indicate that you "like" us on Facebook, you can receive 50% off of one WLP item through the end of June. You need to go to Facebook to find out how this all actually works. This is a great opportunity because this special promotion includes our instrument books; (our C-Instrument Companion) is one of my favorites. These instrument books are not inexpensive, so this is a wonderful special for you.

Thanks for listening to my expressions of pride today, as well as my little commercial for our June Facebook special.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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