Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Translation Tuesday: This Is the Day! Sneak Preview of Musical Settings for the New Translation

Welcome to this installment of "New Translation Tuesday."

On Sunday, I received word from Father Rick Hilgartner of the Bishops Committee on Divine Worship (BCDW) regarding musical settings of the new translation of the Missale Romanum.

The BCDW, in response to the fact that music publishers (like WLP) have been asking about ways to share our new musical settings of the new translation through music showcases (like at NPM next month in Detroit) as well as through the world wide web, has allowed the following:

1. They are "happy to allow some limited presentation of preview copies of selections from the Order of Mass."
2. Publishers can not take orders for new products until the final text of the Missal has been issued.
3. Publishers must make clear that these musical settings are for preview only and are not yet approved for liturgical use.
4. Publishers may not share complete settings of the Mass; we can only share samples or excerpts from a variety of settings.

Well, folks, as you can imagine, we have been waiting for the opportunity to share the fine work of our composers with you. That day has arrived.

You can now visit the web site singthenewmass.com and you can see sample pages of our new and revised Mass settings, as well as listen to sound clips. We have clearly followed the guidelines of the BCDW. Spend some time maneuvering through the web site. Try to do so with a good set of speakers attached to your computer. The sound files are high quality.

I hope that what you find on singthenewmass.com will be helpful to you. After so long long, it is refreshing to hear these newly translated texts set to music in a variety of styles.

Please feel free to share your own comment about these settings here on gottasinggottapray.

My heart is joyful this day. So many years of work now able to be shared with you.

Thanks for listening.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Anonymous said...


WOW! Some pretty nice stuff. Your composers have been hard at work, and have done well.

Most of it seems pretty easy to follow along even at first hearing, yet I think they'll wear well enough to learn by heart to become a prayer during the day.

I hope the last minute "adjustments" won't cause much trouble.

Again, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Many readers are too young to remember that the "Mass for Chritian Unity" by Jan Vermulst was the most widely sung Mass in the English speaking world from 1965 to 1969. It is still the best ever composed in English. The tragedy was and is that we gave that up 40 years ago for the sake of a dynamic eqivalency translation, under Pope Paul VI. Perhaps it will again take its place as the most beloved Mass ever composed in English.

Chironomo said...

The Janco "Mass of Wisdom" is exactly what I was envisioning for what new settings should sound like. It is refreshing to hear a "non-syllabic setting" with some melodic complexity to it, and thank you, thank you, thank you for deciding to not use a repeated "Gloria" refrain (am I correct that this kind of setting was nixed specifically, or was that just a decision of the composer here?)

Will try to get a chance top listen to the others you have posted as the week goes on.