Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Translation Thursday: Heritage Musical Settings and New Musical Settings

Welcome to another edition of "New Translation Thursday." The storms that whipped through Chicago last night were quite violent. Several people here dealing with flooding, downed trees, and lost power. Please say a prayer for my "peeps" here at WLP who are dealing with all of this.

If you are a regular follower of this blog, you will know what an exciting week it has been here at World Library Publications. Tuesday's edition of Gotta Sing Gotta Pray featured an announcement about our new and revised musical settings of the new translation of the Missale Romanum. is our Web site dedicated to sharing samples of our new settings with the world. I've been monitoring the progress of the editing and production of these settings and the recordings of them for many, many months. It's been great all week to be able to visit the site every once in a while and just listen to the newly translated texts set to music. Personally, I am finding my earlier instincts about all of this to be on target. The music is helping me appropriate the texts.

I really am drawn to our new settings. These composers have worked hard to set these new texts to music in a variety of styles. I am also surprised by the fact that I am also particularly drawn into three of our "heritage" settings: People's Mass (Jan Vermulst, with Richard Proulx's "reworking"), Sing Praise and Thanksgiving Mass (J. Michael Joncas), and Mass for Christian Unity (also Jan Vermulst, with Richard Proulx's "reworking"). They can be found on this page. The Sanctus from the Mass for Christian Unity is the setting that was sung at every single funeral in the parish in which I grew up. I was an altar server there and served at least one funeral a week for a number of years. Listening to this Mass brought all of that back to me, especially when I heard the "Hosanna in the highest" sections.

It is going to be very interesting to see whether it is the newly reworked "heritage" Masses or the completely new Mass settings that draw people more successfully into the praying and singing of these newly translated texts.

Meanwhile, we wait for the Missal text itself. You can imagine how antsy we in the publishing world are about this. We will be required to include the new texts in our worship resources beginning with Advent of 2011, if all remains on target. Believe it or not, now is the time that we are usually constructing these files for these resources. All of these texts, once formatted, must be submitted to the Bishops' Committee on Divine Worship, to the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, and to ICEL for proofing and approval. This is a long process and we need to begin this process soon in order to provide the new texts to those who pray and sing with our resources. Patience is a virtue. Waiting in hope . . .

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Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Paul said...

Hi Jerry, I don't follow these things too closely. What is the "hold-up" in Rome or Washington that appears to be slowing things down?

Jerry Galipeau, D. Min. said...

Hi Paul,
Apparently, once the Vox Clara committee (google this if you need more info about the committee) received what they thought was the final version of The Roman Missal, it was then handed over to Monsignor Jim Moroney of that committee to do some further edits to the text, in response to some specific concerns from the bishops. This is all very odd, considering the fact that the English-speaking bishops conferences around the world had already voted on the translation. Read more on my blog post about this here:
This is a very, very confusing time.