Monday, May 17, 2010

A WLP Weekend in New England

Happy Monday to you all.

I'm back here in the office after a whirlwind weekend in Massachusetts. It's always great to connect with family.

It was also a World Library Publications type of weekend, strangely. When I arrived at my sister's home late Friday evening, I glanced at the Thursday edition of the Boston Globe and found a huge photo on the cover. Here it is:

The two ministers shown in the photo are each holding a WLP ceremonial binder! Yesterday morning I attended Mass with my sister at her parish, Saint Robert Bellarmine, in Andover, Massachusetts. When I entered, I was greeted and welcomed, and handed WLP's Word and Song annual worship resource. In it was tucked the assembly card for Steven Janco's Mass of Redemption.  Most of the songs that we sang, including the Mass parts, were WLP pieces. We sang Tom Kaczmarek's I Am the Bread of Life, Steve Warner's Make of Our Hands a Throne, Paul Tate's and Deanna Light's Jesus, Hope of the World. When the organist began to play the introduction to the Lamb of God from Steve Janco's Mass of Redemption, my sister leaned over to me and told me that this was her husband's favorite. It was wonderful being in a community that was singing the very best music for the liturgy. I was so proud of our composers and the staff here at WLP.

So, a weekend filled with family fun, clams, lobsters, and WLP music. Made my heart sing.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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