Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Translation Tuesday: Waiting Another Month

Welcome to this transmission of "New Translation Tuesday."

On Friday, Catholic publishing houses received a communique from the Bishops Committee on Divine Worship in Washington, DC. In it, we were given some solid information. We were told that the newly translated and approved English-language version of the Missale Romanum is now undergoing some final editing in Rome and that we can expect the final text in about a month. The BCDW told us that they still do not know exactly what is in the approved texts, especially with respect to the adaptations that our bishops requested for the dioceses of the United States. Because of this, publishers have been asked to "wait for further clarification before beginning to distribute or market any texts related to the new Missal, especially musical settings of the parts of the Order of Mass." As you can imagine, a critical piece of this is whether or not the memorial acclamation "Christ has died" will be included as part of the uniquely US adaptations. We heard strong rumors early on in the translation process that this would not be allowed because it is not in the Latin edition. Then, as the recognitio loomed, equally strong rumors surfaced that Rome did not want to delay the release of the missal any further and that this acclamation would be included in the US version. Hopefully, we will know soon. All of WLP's revised and newly composed musical settings of the Mass have needed to include "Christ has died," since we did not know if it would eventually be included in the US edition. If it does not appear, we simply remove it; if it does appear, then we have it to include. Stay tuned.

So, after such a long wait, we wait again, which isn't such a bad thing. I believe that most Catholics don't have this whole issue on their radar the way we in publishing and liturgical circles do. As a matter of fact, we will be putting a survey out there very soon (and I will provide you with a link here so that you can take the survey as well). The survey will be a kind of "taking the pulse" tool. Of course, those who receive the link will probably be more closely associated with music and liturgy, but I think it will be helpful anyway.

So, look forward to that in the coming days.

Later today I am flying to Saint Louis for the balance of the week, where I will help lead the prayer for a Catholic healthcare system's annual leadership conference. I plan to continue with the blog all week, so stay tuned.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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