Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Facebook "PrayerBook"

Hello everybody.

There has been lots in the news lately about Facebook. I want to share something about Facebook with you.

This has been a difficult week for my family and me. My Dad has been in intensive care all week, suffering with pneumonia. The prognosis is hopeful, but the doctors have described the road of recovery that he faces as "very long."

When I heard the news about my Dad on Sunday, I mentioned it on Facebook. This was my request: "Pray that the Holy Spirit will send healing to my hero and solace to my mom." Within minutes, my Facebook "inbox" became flooded with an outpouring of concern. Here are a few of the many prayers I received:

oh Jerry. I am so sorry to hear!!! please know that he, as well as the rest of your family are in my thoughts and prayers. blessings.. xo

Sending lots of healing thoughts in your Dad's direction, Jerry. Today would have been my Dad's 84th birthday. I'll never forget what a nice send-off you helped us give to him 20 years ago.

Sending abundant blessings to him and to you as we speak...

Prayers from Texas!

PRAYERS for your father Henri.. we will keep him in our prayers as we sing Angotti's Veni Creator...

Prayers ascending, Jerry

My mom has extras. We're sending them his way.

prayers from Pittsburgh

Praying from 'down under'.

Please send them both my love. I'll keep them in my prayers as I know you are keeping my Dad and Mom in yours. sending love xoxoxo

These prayers poured in from all over the world. Say what you want about Facebook, but I found this to be so helpful. When I spoke with my Mom last night, she said simply, "Jerry, your Father and I can actually feel the power of all the prayers." I was filled with gratitude for my Facebook friends and for the gift of this viral prayer line. Perhaps we can re-name Facebook "PrayerBook" in these instances.

I hope that wherever you are, you are experiencing an outpouring of God's love in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


Moya and Brendan Tully said...

Love and prayers for your dad, mum and you Jerry.

Moya and Brendan Tully. (England)

brandy101 said...

I *love* faacebook for connecting with people I WANT to connect with - my family and dear friends from school, work, etc who are now spread all over the world.

On that note, I offer a prayer for your dad, too!