Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"So Off She Sails" - Saint Cecilia's Orchestra

Wednesday has dawned with plenty of sunshine here in Chicago. It's supposed to reach 80 degrees today - just wonderful!

Yesterday I had the chance to take some quiet time to read a new book just published here at World Library Publications. It is a collaboration between WLP's very own Alan Hommerding and one of our favorite WLP family members, Brother Mickey McGrath, OSFS.

Alan and Mickey have combined their talents of poetry and art to produce Saint Cecilia's Orchestra, a delightful new book sure to delight musicians and their families, as well as people young and old. Click here to be taken to the page on WLP's web site that will give you more information.

For quite awhile, I have been seeing bits and pieces of the book. I have listened to Alan's sparkling poetry and seen Mickey's engaging artwork. Yesterday I took the time to read the book in the quiet of my office. I came away from that exercise with this work with one thought: reading this book is an engaging experience. The poetry and artwork drew me in to Saint Cecilia's journey. At the very beginning of the book, we are drawn into the experience:

On her celestial podium
Cecilia stands and listens.
What sweet, melodic sounds she hears,
Both near and in the distance.

How beautiful this music is,
Just like a symphony!
How great this gift creation has
To praise God's majesty.

"I'll make an orchestra!" she cries,
"It is my sacred duty
To hear each prrum-pum, plink and plunk,
The chings and root-toot-tooties!"

So off she sails upon the wind,
the Holy Spirit's wings,
From star to cloud, from hill to shore,
To hear more wondrous things.

Come join Cecilia's holy quest,
Take part in this, her story,
And through the Holy Spirit hear
The sounds that give God glory.

When I finished my own journey with Saint Cecilia yesterday, I wanted to find the nearest organ or piano and add my own sound to Saint Cecilia's orchestra. This is a delightful book, for young and old alike. All you musicians out there, this is a "must" for your shelf. For those of you working with children in music ministry, this is a great story book. When I directed a cherub choir in the parishes in which I have worked, we always included a "snack and story" element to the rehearsals. I wish I had had Saint Cecilia's Orchestra back then.

Is this a commercial? Absolutely. This book is a winner, hands down. You can purchase your own copy by logging on to WLP' web site: You can click on the image on our home page.

My heart is filled with gratitude to Brother Mickey and to Alan Hommerding. Their creative collaboration has filled at least this musician with a firmer grounding in the Song of the Creator.

Of course you know what this book really makes me realize once again . . . that . . . I . . . 

. . . gotta sing, gotta pray!

The text quoted above is copyright 2010, World Library Publications, Franklin Park, Illinois. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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