Monday, April 19, 2010

Grateful for Baptism and Spring

Happy Monday of the Third Week of Easter to you all.

Last night many of us here at World Library Publications sang in the choir for the funeral of Judy Novak, wife of WLP's editor Mike Novak. It was a wonderful celebration of a wonderful life. Having experienced this Funeral Mass at St. John's cathedral in Milwaukee, I was asking that inevitable question: How do people without faith manage to get through these kinds of moments in life? I left the funeral with a sense of gratitude for the fact that my own parents had me baptized. Baptism is at the root of it all. I was one with Judy Novak in baptism. We will forever share a bond that will hopefully see us gathered around the banquet table in the kingdom of heaven. Judy, may the angels lead you into paradise.

I had the chance to visit a few nurseries here in the Chicago area on Saturday. Here's a photo I took, which sort of looks like a cemetery.

These are actually those little plastic markers you find in potted plants. There were thousands of them. Here's another photo, then a photo taken of the other side of the markers:

And here are a few more photos. Spring is a great miracle every year. People around here, especially my carpool colleagues, poke fun at me when I say things like, "Those flowers were hand painted for you personally by God." I appreciate the simply beauty of Spring. Enjoy:

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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