Monday, February 8, 2010

RCIA Catechesis: How Much Is Enough?

Good Monday morning to you all.

I am taking a few days away from work, so these entries will be shorter than usual.

On Saturday, about 80 RCIA ministers gathered in the Diocese of Orlando to discuss the role of catechesis (RCIA 75.1) in catechumenal formation. A central question we had was the "how much" question. There is definitely incongruity in the rite itself. One paragraph says that catechumens must be given "Catholic teaching in its entirety." Another paragraph says that they should be expected to have a "sufficient acquaintance with Christian teaching."

The participants mulled over these questions. When you think about someone entering the Church, someone who has had little or no catechesis, how much do you think is enough as far as teaching goes? How much does a person need before being baptized, confirmed, and given first communion?
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Anonymous said...

"Catholic Teaching in it's entirety?"

That would take what...several lifetimes??
Perhaps they could just start with the Summa Theologica and then move from there....