Monday, February 1, 2010

Great Musicians in Seattle

Happy Monday and Happy February to you all.

I got a chance to do a little walking around Pike Place Market in Seattle on Friday afternoon. Here's a photo I took there (This is the market where the employees at the fishmonger's stands throw the fish at one another.)

Friday evening's WLP choral reading session in Seattle went quite well. There were approximately sixty or seventy singers present, and many of them were terrific sight-readers. For you non-musical folks out there, that means that these musicians were able to pick up the new music and sing it quite well the first time around. The acoustics in the chapel were wonderful and it was a pleasure to conduct these fine musicians.

Here's a photo of the chapel:

We did a variety of WLP pieces, including Nicholas Palmer's Kyrie Eleison. Listen to it here. We also sang Kathleen Demny's Jesus Is Risen Today. Here's the sound clip. Louis Valenzi's Spirit of God was a real hit as well;  here's the clip. It was a privilege to share my own piece, Help Me, Lord, with the group. Here you go.

Special thanks goes to the Seattle NPM chapter and the Archdiocesan worship office for their support. I look forward to a return to the Archdiocese in the future. You, too, can schedule a WLP choral reading session in your own diocese. Simply email me here at WLP:

Tonight I will be attending a meeting of our music minister search committee at the parish. We are interviewing two prospective candidates tonight. Hopefully we will have that perfect person in place soon.

I hope your week has opened on a bright note. Looking forward to sharing some new insights tomorrow on "New Translation Tuesday."

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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