Friday, February 5, 2010

Apologies and Lots of Speaking and Travelling

Deep apologies for not having posted in the last few days.

Yesterday I drove to Kalamazoo, Michigan from Chicago to offer an evening to RCIA ministers in that diocese. Our focus was on the celebration of the scrutinies. A priest, a monsignor, who was in attendance, made a poignant comment about RCIA ministry in general. It went something like this: If we are entrusted with the ministry that deals with change, with conversion for catechumens and candidates, we cannot do that until we experience that change, that conversion, in our own hearts. I thanked him for this comment and thought it was spot on.

I drove back to Chicago early this morning only to do some packing, then it was off to the airport for a flight to Orlando. And here I am at the hotel in Altamonte Springs. Tomorrow morning I will be leading an RCIA workshop focused on paragraph 75 of the RCIA - well worth looking at for those of you who are not involved in initiation ministry. Tomorrow I will focus on the first of four sections of that paragraph. This liturgist will be speaking for three hours on the role of catechesis in the RCIA. The workshop will take place at St. Margaret Mary Parish in Winter Park, Florida. Here's a photo of the interior of the church:

Once finished with my talk, I plan to take four days of vacation here in Florida. I will try to keep up on the blog, but you know how vacation time goes . . . 

I hope your weekend is a good one.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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