Friday, December 18, 2009

So Much for Which to Be Grateful

Friday has dawned here in Chicago with cold wet weather - could have one to three inches of snow by tomorrow.

Our WLP staff celebrated Christmas as a group last evening at the home of one of our managers. We sang carols and a few broadway show tunes, and ate up a storm. Isn't it wonderful when you not only enjoy working with people but also enjoy having a good time with them? I am blessed to work with and lead such a great group of talented people here at WLP.

To be honest, it has been a particularly stressful and busy season for me, but there is something about the snow, and the decorations, and the lights, and the chocolates, and the baked goodies, and the appetizers, and the shopping, and the sending and receiving of Christmas cards that make all of the busy-ness so worth it. I am looking forward to celebrating the Fourth Sunday of Advent at St. James on Sunday. I am also looking forward to helping serve the Christmas day meal for the homeless at our parish. I did so last year. I was in charge of beverages. When the folks arrived, there I was with a tray of hot cocoa, coffee, water, and iced tea. It broke my heart when so many people looked at me and said, "I'll get something to drink later; what I really need now is some food." Having grown up with holiday tables of plenty, this experience helped me appreciate all the more the sacrifices that my mom and dad offered to make sure the six of us had plenty of gifts under the tree and delicious food on our plates. And it also made me realize that, as Catholics with grateful hearts, we need to reach out all the more to those who are in need.

It's back to the United Center for me tonight to watch the Chicago Blackhawks play the Boston Bruins. I fell in love with hockey as a kid because I grew up in suburban Boston, watching the Boston Bruins. I am planning to wear my Boston Bruins shirt tonight—we'll see how I am treated in the always interesting upper 300 level seating area in the arena.

I hope your weekend is filled with expectant joy.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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