Friday, November 20, 2009

Grateful on this Friday

Friday has dawned with some actual sunshine here in the Midwest, praise God!

Yesterday I took a peek at my schedule for the weekend and found nothing listed for Saturday and nothing listed for Sunday. These little gifts of time at home are real treasures. Chicago lights up the "magnificent mile" with a Disney parade on Saturday afternoon, followed by fireworks on the Chicago River. I've been before and to see fireworks in between skyscrapers is a unique experience, as you can see by this photo. I'm looking forward to being back at St. James on Sunday for the celebration of Christ the King.

Thanks for your comments about the new translation of the Missale Romanum. I am hoping that the BCDW (Bishops' Committee on Divine Worship) will try its level best to be sure that the implementation date is on a First Sunday of Advent. That will make life a whole lot easier for publishers.

Well, as we begin to prepare for Thanksgiving, let's all call to mind the people and events for which we are thankful. It has been a good, but challenging year for me personally and professionally. But I have learned to go through life with a grateful heart, which is not a bad way to live; it's actually a good Catholic way to live, don't you think? I hope your weekend and your food shopping over the next few days provide you with opportunities to give thanks. Until Monday, remember that we gotta sing and we gotta pray.

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