Tuesday, October 27, 2009

To Atlanta and Boston: "What Have I Written?"

Tuesday afternoon here in the dreary Midwest - overcast and cool. Gotta love autumn.

I am heading to Atlanta tomorrow to present a couple of RCIA workshops on Thursday, and attend a concert featuring WLP's own Ed Bolduc at his parish, St. Ann's in Marietta. Here's a photo of the exterior of St. Ann's. 

And here's a photo of the interior:

I return to Chicago on Friday morning, in time for WLP's Halloween party. This year's theme is "A Mad Hatter Tea Party." Our employees are great at potlucks and parties. We joke around here about WLP standing for "We Love People" or "We Love Parties" or "We Love Potlucks." this is a great place to work because of these fine people.

I am then off to Boston for family time on the weekend; trick-or-treating with my two young nieces on Saturday, then the convalidation of my sister's marriage on Sunday at St. Robert Bellarmine Church in Andover, Massachusetts on Sunday. I was asked to witness the marriage and am proud as a peacock about this—never been a best man before!

Just a little liturgical humor I heard over the weekend while in Mobile. Someone told me that on Good Friday in their parish, an anxiously zealous lector was really getting into the reading of the Passion of St. John. When the Gospel reached the part where the people ask Pilate to change the wording on the inscription on the cross, the lector got a bit confused. Instead of proclaiming Pilate's response as "What I have written, I have written," the lector shouted out: 
"What have I written? What have I written?"

Gave me a chuckle. Hope your week is going well.

Gotta sing. Gotta pray. 

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