Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Two New WLP Initiatives to Help the Singing and Praying Church

Hello everybody. It's a beautiful Tuesday here in Chicago. Hard to believe that September has dawned. I enjoy the summer months here in Chicago so much. Now, as the days grow shorter, we'll be readying ourselves for the beauty of autumn and the inevitable chill of winter.

Just wanted you to know about a few new initiatives we have begun here at WLP. One is what we are calling our "staff picks" monthly email. In some of our catalogues, we have included a "staff picks" section. WLP staff members make choral music suggestions for a given feast or season. We are finding that people appreciate this kind of advice from our staff, most of whom do music ministry in parishes on the weekends. So, given the success of this catalogue feature, we decided to do this electronically on a monthly basis. People who have signed in on our web site and checked the "contact me" boxes as part of the sign in form, will receive these monthly "staff picks" emails. Just in case you haven't created an account on our web site, why not do so now? Click here for the link to the sign in page. The "staff picks" monthly email includes suggestions for assembly and choir for each Sunday for a given month. Here is this month's edition, written by WLP's talented editor, Ron Rendek.

The other new initiative is a special quarterly service for those who lead contemporary ensembles. "Setting the Tone" has been created by one of our great editors here at WLP, Ed Bolduc (who is pictured to the left).

Ed is a musician to the core and he has a great ability to communicate his ideas with other musicians. When you click on the link for "Setting the Tone" above, you'll see how creative Ed can be with music of all styles. 

I am sure you will agree that these two new WLP initiatives will help serve the needs of many church musicians who gotta sing and who gotta pray. 

Thanks for listening. 

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