Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This Path Is Love

Tuesday, Tuesday . . . Hope you are having a good one.

I read a snippet of Pope Benedict's recent Gospel reflection today. He was talking about the Christian faith not being a theory, but a way of life. Great line: "This path is love, which is an expression of true faith. If someone loves his neighbour with a pure and generous heart, this means he truly knows God. If on the other hand someone claims to have faith but does not love his brothers and sisters, he is not a true believer. God does not dwell in him."

I have been pondering these themes since Sunday, when we heard the famous "faith and works" section from the letter of St. James.  I looked around me at my own parish church of St. James and just knew that God dwells in so many of my brothers and sisters in that assembly. Their faith is alive and they show it by their works, especially to the poor and the forgotten sick and elderly.

This is an enormous personal challenge for me. Our pastor invited us to consider the regular work we do—our jobs—as having the potential of being the works that grow out of our faith. I always thought I needed to do the extra works, the things outside of my normal work, in order to be really doing Christian works. I guess it's all in the way we shape our attitudes and actions at work. It's tedious work here at WLP sometimes. But I pray for the strength to be a Christian leader here. Just can't leave my faith at home.

Here's a snippet from a wonderful concertato on Love Is His Word. Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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