Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Paschal Mystery, Plain and Simple

Happy Wednesday to you all.

It's been a fairly intense week here at World Library Publications. We've been engaged in a planning process and it has been wonderful to have all of our telecommuting staff members actually here on site. It's like having the whole family together for awhile, and it's been a good week for us.

Just a little personal news to share. And it is indeed good news. About nine months ago, my younger sister was diagnosed with cancer. A priest friend of mine found this out and gave her a phone call, telling her that she was being placed on his parish's prayer outreach to the sick. A deeply, deeply spiritual woman, my sister's relationship with the Catholic Church has had some unsteadiness over the years. She went to Mass at my friend's parish the weekend after her diagnosis, feeling lost, sad, close to despair. When the time came for the intercessions, she heard her own name being announced. She told me that the moment held a tremendous power for her; knowing that people were actually praying for her, a stranger to this parish. She and her husband have been attending Mass at that parish regularly and talking to the pastor. Married civilly, they began to talk about having their marriage convalidated. She mentioned this to me a few months ago and I thought that it was a wonderful thing. I know many of you feel sad, as do I, when our lives as Catholics are so full, so energizing, so blessed, and yet we see the siblings that we love so much not practicing the faith, not discovering week after week through the celebration of Mass God's abiding and comforting love made present in a parish community. My sister and her husband's return has lifted my spirit beyond measure. 

Earlier this week, I received an email invitation from my sister, inviting our family to the convalidation of their marriage on November 1, All Saints Day. What wonders God works in the face of serious illness. What wonders God works through the kindness of pastors. What wonders God works through a welcoming parish. And, most of all, we know clearly what wonders God continues to work through the death and resurrection of Christ. Folks, this is the paschal mystery plain and simple.

I know my sister reads this blog. I hope she knows how much I love her. I had to share this story with all of you because my heart just cannot contain my joy.

No wonder that we gotta sing. And we gotta pray. Thanks for listening.


Nick Wagner said...

Hi Jerry. What a great story! I've been praying for your sister every day.


Jerry Galipeau, D. Min. said...

I know she appreciates all the prayer that is coming her way. Thank you, Nick.