Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Inexhaustible Riches of the Psalter

Hello everybody. Thanks to those who offered comments yesterday. And now, for something completely different . . . 

Every once in a while (and not very often) I am going to unabashedly promote a WLP resource. This is certainly not the aim of gottasinggottapray, but I am compelled to do so today, because this particular book has touched my own heart.

One of our senior staff members here at WLP is a gifted composer and wordsmith: Alan Hommerding. Alan recently completed a project, which has turned into a marvelous little book: Everyday Psalms: 150 Meditations for Living the Lord's Songs. In his introduction to this book, Alan has this to say: "These meditations are meant to be an invitation, an example of one way to delve further into the treasures of God's word . . . I hope you will come to know, live, and sing the gifts of the psalter a bit better, and also come to know how inexhaustible its riches are." 

Alan has done a marvelous service to us in this book. He moves us through all 150 psalms, taking a short verse from each. Following the verse, Alan shares his own personal reflection, then offers us a prayer. Then comes the real punch: Alan's further reflection, which he terms "Living the Prayer." I have been using this book for my own spiritual enrichment and I find Alan's words to be particularly poignant as I look at ways that I can better live out my baptismal vocation; that I can live the prayer. Some of the things that Alan suggests are really challenging; difficult to achieve in a world characterized by fast-paced consumerism. This book has tugged at my spirit, beckoning me to slow down and examine the ways I have fallen away from a gospel way of life. Thanks to Alan for providing a resource to help us along the avenue of conversion.

I have consistently told you how proud I am of the people whom I serve as the associate publisher here at World Library Publications. The level of professionalism here constantly astounds me. Everyday Psalms makes me feel ever more privileged to work here at WLP and to work with people like Alan Hommerding, who help us on our Christian journey that hopefully will lead us to heaven.

Thanks for listening to this little commercial. I promise not to do it too often!

Gotta sing. Gotta pray.

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