Thursday, July 16, 2009

A "Self Portrait" and Off to Notre Dame

Good day to you all. I took a personal day yesterday - dishwasher repairman needed to come by and fix the appliance in the morning. 

Just a little whimsy today after yesterday's "heavy" post.

In the early part of the afternoon, my doorbell rang several times. When I arrived at the door, there were three young children from the neighborhood standing on the front porch. They announced that they were doing "self portraits" and asked if I would like to have them do my "self portrait." Just an irresistible request. When young Nicholas began his sketch, he let me know that this was going to cost one dollar, but that I shouldn't worry because he is very good at doing "self portraits." Here is his sketch. What do you think? 

I think I look like a cross between Charlie Brown 

and Mister Potato Head.

Shortly, I am headed to the University of Notre Dame to present two workshops on music and the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. The audience is comprised of the students in the Notre Dame Summer Song program. J. S. Paluch and World Library Publications offer partial scholarships to first-time attendees. This is one of those things that the owners of J. S. Paluch do through their generosity and in service to the church (read yesterday's post). 

I will try to post from Notre Dame. If not, I will definitely give you my impressions of the program and the students' concert—which will be held tomorrow night—when I return to Chicago. It is a glorious day here today. Hope you enjoy the balance of the week. Gotta sing, gotta pray.

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