Thursday, July 23, 2009

Publishing: A Joy

Hi Everyone. It's been a long day of meetings here at WLP. It began with our WLP monthly meeting. Once each month—on a Thursday—the entire staff meets for breakfast and we talk about our new products, report on our travels and conferences, and share general information. Have I told you recently what a great group of people I work with and have the privilege of leading here at WLP?

Publishing music, prayer, and initiation resources for the Church is an exciting and challenging endeavor. Many people on our staff are parish musicians as well. We bring a breadth of hands-on pastoral experience to our work here at WLP. 

As for me, because of my travel schedule, I am not able to make a regular commitment to a parish as a musician. I must admit that I do miss making music on a regular basis. However, at this point in my own life and spiritual journey, I need simply to be in the pew. After having ministered full-time as a director of liturgy and music for many years, a time came when I realized that I needed to be the one to be ministered to, at least for awhile. My heart is filled with gratitude that my parish's music director, Jeff, is a sensitive and talented musician who feeds my soul every week.

This past weekend—at the Preparation of the Gifts at Mass—Jeff began playing a meditative piece and it deeply touched my heart. I closed my eyes and, through that piano music, I felt very close to the Lord. I am glad that the liturgy affords us opportunities to listen and be formed by good instrumental music. I guess this is what makes being a music publisher so gratifying. I don't want to make this sound like a marketing ploy (so I won't even name the collection), but when I asked Jeff about the piece he played during that moment at Mass, it happened to be from a collection that was recently published by WLP. I like to let our staff know that the work they do here—reviewing, editing, music engraving, layout, design, artwork, marketing, customer care—really does make a difference in the faith lives of those who hear our music in their parishes. This happened to me this past Sunday. And I think this is what makes music publishing for the Church such a joy. I hope that our music touches your heart. Gotta sing. Gotta pray.


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