Monday, June 1, 2009

Seven Gifts - Let's Use Them!

Happy Monday to all. Raining here in Chicago today, but I am glad to be out of the heat and humidity I experienced this weekend in Miami. A short post this morning as I catch up on work here at WLP. I'd like you to consider the prayer that is prayed over those to be confirmed as the sacrament of confirmation is celebrated:

All-powerful God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
by water and the Holy Spirit
you freed your sons and daughters from sin
and gave them new life.
Send your Holy Spirit upon them
to be their Helper and Guide.
Give them the spirit of wisdom and understanding,
the spirit of right judgment and courage,
the spirit of knowledge and reverence.
Fill them with the spirit of wonder and awe in your presence.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

I don't know about you, but when I look at this prayer, I realize how much I need to use the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit every day of my life. And these gifts were planted in my heart on the day of my confirmation, which was May 13, 1972 at St. Charles Church in Woburn, Massachusetts. You know, I read lots of materials about management and leadership styles. In order to lead effectively, I believe that I need to draw on the gifts of the Spirit. All I need do is cultivate them and use them as I try to lead the people that have been entrusted to my care here at World Library Publications. I have the seven gifts posted in my office as a daily reminder of the power and potential of this sacrament in my own life.

I hope that you take the time during this "season" of Pentecost to reflect on the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and how you can cultivate these gifts in your own relationships and in your ministry. Here is a wonderful piece to ponder: Come, Holy Spirit, Come by Jolanda Robertson. Enjoy!

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