Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another Sneak Peek into WLP - Our Art/Production Department

Good day everyone. It is pouring rain here in Chicago this morning. I arrived very early here at our Franklin Park offices to prepare our monthly breakfast for the WLP staff. The aroma of coffee is enticing . . . 

No rainy day can dampen the sense of pride and honor I feel when I think of the staff here at WLP. Today, I'd like to introduce you to the fine professionals who work in our Art/Production Department, capably led by Deb Johnston, our production manager. Here is a photo of the auspicious group:

Seated, from left to right, are Geovanni Morales, Christine Enault, and Tejal Patel. Behind them, from left to right, are Denise Durand, Steve Fiskum, Christine Broquet, and their leader, Deb Johnston.

I remember well a visit my parents made to our offices here at WLP/J.S. Paluch several years ago. They wondered aloud "how it all happens" in publishing. I was able to walk them through several processes that occur here on a regular basis. I described how a piece of music evolves once it arrives through the mail to the editorial department here. First, there is a preliminary review, then (if it passes muster), a more thorough editorial review, which focuses on the musical, theological, and technical merits of the piece. Then the editors move the piece to the music engravers, Steve and Geovanni. I remember watching my parents' faces as Steve showed them how he was able to "engrave" the music electronically. Our engravers and editors work closely together to make sure that the music that eventually arrives in parishes is of the finest quality. People around here grow tired of hearing me say that I believe that WLP is producing the finest choral music for parishes here in the United States and beyond. I don't mind repeating here, because it's the truth! 

Tejal, Denise, Chris E., and Chris B., are talented in many areas, from typesetting to design, all lending their artistic talents and designer "eyes" to the various projects they undertake. Paluch bulletin artwork and texts pass before their capable eyes. WLP's worship resources are produced in this department. Designers work closely with our worship resources editors to ensure that what is being used by the singing and praying Church is of the finest quality. Music is placed on the pages of these resources, as well as hymnals, songbooks, and accompaniments. This department is responsible for collaborating with our marketing and editorial folks in creating electronic versions of much of our music and uploading those pieces to our web site, where our customers can view sample pages and, after having secured a WLP reprint license, can download those resources from their own computers. This busy department divides the responsibilities for book design and layout for our book projects. The J.S. Paluch parish and personal calendars are designed and produced here, as well as the various marketing materials that we use here at WLP to advertise our products.

Baseball rivalries and allegiances abound in this department. They even have a replica of the ivy-covered Wrigley Field Wall. They keep running tallies of the wins and losses of the Chicago Cubs and White Sox teams. 

In addition to all this talent and expertise, these people are simply fun to be around. When I am feeling particularly stressed at any given moment, all I need do is walk down the hall into their department and offer my "hello everybody." It's a guarantee that I will leave that department with a smile on my face, for which I am grateful. What a great group of dedicated professionals. It's a privilege to be able to give you a sneak peek into the Art/Production Department here at WLP. 

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