Thursday, May 7, 2009

A New Christian: Joyful Hearts

"You have put on Christ, in him you have been baptized, Alleluia!" These are photos of the baptism of Chloe Kolar, daughter of Peter and Marianna Kolar. Peter oversees the Hispanic music and publications area here at World Library Publications. When I received this photo from Peter yesterday (it is used here with his permission), I responded: "You two just gave Chloe the greatest gift you will ever give her. Congratulations. The Christian family is made new once again." 

As I look at this beautiful new Christian, it occurs to me that she will have many challenges in her life as she grows into a person called to be Christ for others. She is born into a society that will tell her that she should care more for her appearance than in caring for others. She is born into a world torn by war and poverty. When I look at this picture and see the faces of Peter and Marianna, however, I am blessed with the assurance that this young child will grow to be more and more like Christ because her parents do this so well and so plainly for so many people. 

Again, I want to ask you, during this glorious season, to say a prayer of thanks to God for the gift of your own baptism. Probably somewhere there are photos of your own baptism. Look for them and make that an opportunity to celebrate your Christian inheritance. On the day I was baptized, I wore a baptismal garment, a dress really, that my own grandfather wore at his baptism. This gown has been passed from generation to generation. Baptism connects us to billions of Christians who have gone before us. And each time we celebrate the Eucharist, we are united with them as we join our voices with the great chorus of angels and saints. 

Listen to the Glory to God from Peter Kolar's Misa Luna, a Mass setting growing in popularity all over the country. I am sure that when Peter looked into the eyes of Chloe, the song in his heart was one of overflowing joy.

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rorycooney said...

Blessings on Peter and Marianna's house - may they live to see their children's children. Peter is a twenty-fingered musical multilocator with talent in places most of us don't have places. May God give success to the work of his (and your) hands. Well done, kids!