Monday, May 4, 2009

A Light Weekend, A Light Day

Happy Monday of the Fourth Week of Easter. This was my first weekend without travel or workshops here at home in a long time. And it was a beautiful Spring weekend here in Chicago. Saturday I went to the Polish Constitution Day parade. It's always been said that there are more Poles in Chicago than in any other city in the world, expect Warsaw. After my experience Saturday, I believe it. What a wonderful celebration. It was astounding to watch hundreds of children march for their particular Polish language school, chanting "Nasza Polska," "Our Poland, Our Poland, Our Poland." The costumes and flags, the music and dancing, were just splendid. One of the enduring Marian hymns from Poland is Serdeczna Matko, a YouTube recording of which you can find here. WLP includes this piece, in English translation (Stainless the Maiden), in most of our worship resources.

Sunday afternoon was spent at the Chicago Botanical Garden. I would say that clearly 80 per cent of the people there (crowd in the thousands) were speaking Polish. I asked a friend of Polish descent why this would be the case. He explained that for Poles, Sundays are still a sacred family time. Families tend to spend time together, harkening me back to the idea of the "Sunday drives" I experienced with my own family. 

Today is one of those "light" days in my own life. Sure, there are lots of things to do here at the office and at home, but I'd simply like to avoid any heavy or controversial subjects today and simply wish you, the members of the Christian family, continued Easter joy. Enjoy this snippet from Noelle Goemanne's Psalm 150. 

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