Friday, May 15, 2009

Consider the Convention

I hope everyone is having a blessed day today. I am traveling to Boston tonight (weather-permitting) to spend the weekend with my family and to celebrate May birthdays. Once again, thanks for adding your comments to this blog. Some of you out there might feel hesitant about sharing a comment. Just feel free to comment at any time. I think the discussions here are good ones.

Before I leave, I want to give a plug to the National Association of Pastoral Musicians. Their annual convention will be held here in Chicago (actually in Rosemont—just up the road from WLP's home office). The convention runs from July 6 to 10. Being a major music publisher in the United States, WLP will be sponsoring many events, workshops, and concerts during the convention. A special highlight will be the event at Chicago's Symphony Center, home of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The William Ferris Chorale, under the direction of Paul French will perform, as well as Fr. John Moulder and his jazz ensemble. This should be a terrific event. WLP's own Meredith Augustin will be singing in the lobby area before the concert begins. I've had a peek at the program for the evening and all the musicians gathered will be joining their voices together for a choral piece. It should be an exciting evening. The hotels around the Rosemont Convention Center are fairly inexpensive (for these kinds of things), so please consider attending the convention.

I hope you have a great weekend and that your celebration of Sunday Mass brings you closer to the Lord Jesus, the eternal song of the Father.


Charles said...

And might I add my invitation and endorsement to all NPM members to consider also attending the Church Music Association of America Colloquium 09 at Loyola University, also in beautiful ChiTown begin Monday, June 22nd. As a twenty year veteran of NPM and ACDA I can say no other convention connected with choral and sacred music actually HAS its attendees singing virtually 95+% of the scheduled events. That is more than worth the Silver and Gold it costs to fly from California to Illinois.
Thanks, Dr. Jerry
Charles in CenCA

Chironomo said...

Ditto Charles...will see you there! I have never been more joyfully exhausted from singing than I have at the conclusion of the about your active particpation!