Monday, April 13, 2009

Welcome to Gotta Sing Gotta Pray

Easter greetings to all. Several of my colleagues here at World Library Publications have been asking me to begin a blog, so here we are. Welcome to Gotta Sing Gotta Pray. Why this title? I firmly believe that in good times and in bad (like the current economic downturn), people simply gotta sing and people simply gotta pray. Turning our hearts to the Lord in prayer and song gives us the kind of hope that only comes from God. 
And today is one of those days—at least here in Chicago—that is a little difficult to find the energy to sing and pray. It's raining. The temperature is in the low 40's. Spring was supposed to arrive here already, but it has been very tardy. I know that the flowers are just waiting to burst forth from the ground. This is what this Easter Season is really all about. At least in the Northern Hemisphere most of us are still waiting to burst out of the doldrums of the winter months, hoping to be greeted and nourished by warm sunshine—we live in hope! 
Please visit this blog often. I am pledging at least an entry a day on a topic that brings the world of liturgy and music into a conversation with what is happening in the world around us. Meanwhile, take a listen to this beautiful piece from John Angotti's CD "Joy Beyond Our Dreams." Happy Easter Monday!


Meredith Augustin said...

Let me be the first to comment and say Thank You! Our Liturgical world is a better place because of YOU! Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom, knowledge, and self! I love u! xoxo meredith!

rorycooney said...

Hey Jerry,

Welcome to the blogosphere. Good luck as thing grows and flourishes over the weeks, months, and years (tired yet??)

Your "several colleagues" are quite right - you (and Alan) are perfect for this sort of thing. I hope your blog gets read by lots of people.


Mary said...

Hi Jerry,
Just got the chance to check out your blog. I think it is wonderful and look forward to visiting it often. Good Luck!
PS: Nice picture - hair looks MUCH better!

Mary said...

Hi Jerry,
Just got the chance to check out your web site. Very impressive. I hope to visit it often.
Good Luck!
Love, Mary
PS: nice picture - hair looks MUCH better!